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Hidden Spiritual Laws: Authority

So when we read and study the Bible, we normally stick to one subject or narrative. Very rarely do we step back, zoom out, and adjust our focus to see the big picture. There are underlying themes or threads that run throughout the scriptures that can affect the way we interpret everything. These are the teachings I love and thrive on. The ones that make you rethink everything you’ve read in the scriptures, and make everything fresh again.

This message is one of these kind of teachings. It is …

Gmail: A Must For Missionaries

I just heard some great news about gmail that should be of great interest to those on the missions field. If you don’t know about Gmail, it is a free web-based email service provided by Google.

Gmail has just introduced a new feature that should really make it the best choice for missionaries. You can now force your Gmail connection to use 128 bit SSL encryption …


A warm welcome to all! This is the start of the official MissionsPlace blog. I will soon be posting Bible teachings relating to missions, the Great Commission, and subjects that all Christians should know. I also plan to post regularly with tech tips that should prove...