So when we read and study the Bible, we normally stick to one subject or narrative. Very rarely do we step back, zoom out, and adjust our focus to see the big picture. There are underlying themes or threads that run throughout the scriptures that can affect the way we interpret everything. These are the teachings I love and thrive on. The ones that make you rethink everything you’ve read in the scriptures, and make everything fresh again.

This message is one of these kind of teachings. It is what I hope to be the start to a series of teachings entitled “Hidden Spiritual Laws”. When I started to hear and understand some of these concepts, they really changed the way I saw everything I read in the Bible. I can honestly say that I didn’t understand what prayer or faith was before I encountered these concepts. They bring new life and understanding to everything I read in the Bible, and I pray they do the same for you!

Some questions that we’ll answer in this teaching:

  • Why are we commanded to pray? Doesn’t God already want to do the things He tells us to pray for? Is it only for our benefit?
  • Why does God allow the innocent to suffer? And not just the pat answer “because of the fall”. That answer does not seem fair or just to non-Christians and Christians alike. It surely can’t be God’s will for innocent babies to suffer from mistreatment and terrible diseases, so why does He not stop it?
  • Why did God need a human messiah? Why did Jesus have to be born on earth?

You can listen below, and please let me know what you think and what you learned in the comments. Also, if you have an iPod or other MP3 player subscribe to the podcast to listen on the go.

Hidden Spiritual Laws: Authority – Slides

Hidden Spiritual Laws: Authority – Outline