I had really been struggling with God’s calling on my life. I knew I was called to be a missionary and had dedicated my life to doing what I could to see the Great Commission fulfilled as soon as possible. I wanted to go to another country and be a witness to people of other nations and cultures, and especially those who had never heard God’s message of hope and salvation. While I knew this would be a large part of my ministry, my everyday life seemed at odds with that desire and calling. I was truly blessed with my beautiful wife Keisha, daughter Eden, and sons Justus and Silas. God had even provided me with a great job  and our very own home. But I was left wondering what I could do right then for missions.

Despite all this turmoil in my heart,  I just went on with life. Work, home, family, and church filling my time. I really didn’t even pray muchabout it, because I was so frustrated with feeling like I was just spinning my wheels. But one night out of the blue God gave me a dream:

In the dream, I asked the Lord to please show me what I could do to help further the Great Commission in my current life situation. And He told me, plain as day, exactly what to do! He gave me an idea to create a website that would help missionaries do their job more effectively and easily, by providing training and the latest technology to them. Thus was born the  mission statement for MissionsPlace.com:

“Dedicated to enabling missionaries and their supporters to more effectively reach the last of the lost by providing instruction on a Biblical and strategic view of missions, and by making the latest technologies accessible and affordable to every missionary.”

My mentor and pastor at the time, John Musser, has a great deal of wisdom regarding Christians and their callings. He’s always taught that until you receive a specific, detailed, and directed vision for your personal life/ministry, you should serve selflessly under another ministry whose vision you are passionate about. As you are faithful there, God in His timing will clarify your direction and a calling for your life. After many years of faithful of service with Gospel Revival Ministries, Keisha and I are so excited to be in the phase of finally knowing exactly what to do in this moment. We believe that MissionsPlace.com is the launching point of our life ministry in missions!

We pray that the fruit of our dream serves you well.

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