Sponsor a Missionary

Sponsored missionary websites have many great features:

No Ads Sponsored websites are advertisement free! While you’ve probably never seen them, free missionary websites display contextual ads to certain visitors (we try hard to avoid showing ads to missionaries or regular visitors).
3GB of Upload Space 3GB of web space for pictures, documents, and audio. That’s 100 times the storage space of 30MB that free websites have!

Plugins and Widgets

Access to all premium plugins and widgets. Podcasting, mapping, image zooming, contact forms, and easy integration with services like Feedburner, Twitter, and Flickr are all enabled for sponsored websites!

Website Statistics

They can know who is visiting their website! Sponsored websites can enable the easy to understand built-in WordPress Stats or start tracking everything like the pros with Google Analytics support.

Email Subscriptions

Simple email newsletter subscriptions for supporters. Instead of paying for email services like Constant Contact, sponsored missionaries can write their updates in one place and subscribers receive full HTML emails with images and all.
Custom Domains Ability to use a custom domain name (available now!). Use your own .com, .org, or any other domain name to point to your website. Simple, seamless integration.
Much More! And much more on the way!

What does it cost?

It costs very little to sponsor a missionary website. Prices start at less than $4 a month (when you subscribe annually at $44.95). You can bless a missionary and the nations by skipping just one beverage each month from your favorite chain coffee shop!

How do I sponsor a missionary?

Sponsor ButtonTo sponsor a missionary website, simply click on the “Sponsor” button or link found on their website. You get to be a partner in ministry with MissionsPlace.com and bless your missionary at the same time! If you don’t see a button or link, then their website has probably already been sponsored.

If your missionary has already been sponsored, consider blessing another missionary on MissionsPlace.com instead! You may also use our “Find a Missionary” tool on the right to browse for those missionaries who would love to be sponsored.

Thank you for supporting the ministry of MissionsPlace.com.