Many of our missionaries have told us how blessed they are by the free websites we provide. They are so amazed by the many features and excellent support provided free of charge. Until now we have paid for all of this with our own time and money, so we have created a way to continue to provide the same great features for free, but still pay the bills.

Announcing Supporter!

Supporter BadgeMissionaries can now become an official Supporter! Becoming a Supporter not only helps us pay our server costs and overhead, but gives a missionary access to a host of enhanced features. Supporters receive 100 times the storage space for pictures and other media, no advertisements, access to many premium plugins and widgets, and a lot more that we’ll be adding in the next few weeks. For the full information on becoming a Supporter and it’s amazing features, visit or login to your missionary website and click the Supporter menu item.

Website Sponsorship:

Sponsor ButtonWe understand that many missionaries would love to be a Supporter, but may not have funds to cover even the incredibly discounted cost to become one. So we have devised a way to have the missionary’s supporters and website visitors foot the bill. Starting today, all free missionary websites will have a widget enabled that adds an unobtrusive “Sponsor This Website” button to their sidebar. While  sponsor button cannot be removed from free websites, it’s position, appearance, and title can be customized by visiting the “Appearance->Widgets” menu. Now missionary supporters can simply click the link to sponsor a website, and the missionary receives all the great Supporter features! We would rather a missionary’s supporters pay the bills anyway! Please visit to read more about how sponsorship works.

A New Help/Support System:

QuestionsWe have installed a new help system into the backend of missionary websites. They can simply click the “Get Help” menu item and have instant access to Frequently Asked Questions, amazing video tutorials on how to manage and improve their website, and even a support ticket system where they can submit requests directly to us! We highly recommend watching some of the video tutorials, we guarantee you will learn some great tips and ideas on how to improve your website!

Well that’s it for now, we hope you are as excited as we are about all the great changes happening at! Feel free to reply with any comments or suggestions on how this ministry can be more of a blessing to missionaries and the nations, as we love to hear from you.