The story of the Tower of Babel is one of the most interesting in the Bible. It details some of the earliest known history right after the great flood, and the creation of the languages of the world. But this story is also shrouded in some mystery. How many of you can truly say that you understand why God judged the people of Babel? Why did God create the languages of the world? And what about this story can possibly apply to your life today?

In this teaching I reveal how the story of the Tower of Babel relates to you, your ministry, and your church right now. Learn how our churches are often becoming little towers themselves, inviting the judgment of God. Most importantly, learn how the story of the Tower of Babel is a powerful revelation of God’s strategy to reach every people of the world with the Gospel of Christ!

Some Questions to Ponder (listen for the answers!):
1. What is Religion and how did it start?
2. Why did God confuse the languages of mankind?
3. For what reasons did God create the Cultures/Nations of the world?
4. What percentage of all Christian giving do you think goes into foreign missions?
5. What happens to a church when it ignores the Great Commission?

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