MissionAirmail Instructions

Print a Design

  • Select a layout from the list of designs.
  • Take a blank sheet of Letter size paper (8.5in x 11in).
  • When printing from Adobe Reader, MAKE SURE PAGE SCALING IS SET TO “NONE”! Otherwise, the fold won’t work properly. It doesn’t matter if your printer can’t print right up to the edges of the sheet – it will still look beautiful when folded up.
  • Leave the printed sheet to dry for a few minutes, unless you’re really impatient, in which case be careful not to smudge the ink!

Write Your Letter

  • Write your letter on the unprinted side of the letter.
    Use a ballpoint pen if you have thin paper – it shows through the other side less.
  • Be creative! Doodle, and don’t worry about keeping your writing in straight
    lines. Wild letters are much more fun to read. Just make it somewhat readable!
  • Write an encouraging word to your missionary. They love to hear about what is going on back home in your life.

Fold the Letter

  • Fold the letter up as per the instructions on the printed side.
    All of the folds are “mountain” folds (i.e. they all cover up the written side of the letter) with the exception of fold five, which is a “valley” fold.
  • For the best effect, you should perform all of the folds on a flat surface with the printed side downwards. Curl back the letter until the guidemark you are folding to becomes visible. Flatten out each fold with the back of a fingernail or a teaspoon so they’re nice and crisp.

Stamp and Send

  • Place the required stamps across the diagonal edge on the front of the letter to help hold it
  • Drop the letter in any mailbox!
  • Optionally, if you want to be sure the letter is secure (and especially if you are
    enclosing something), you can tape the edge of the final flap or glue it down with
    with a glue stick.

Alright, time to get creative and bless someone with a letter!