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Pickles in SHQIPERI Albania Long Term Pioneers over 9 years ago Sharing and showing Christ's love to the Roma people of Albania. The Dill's are serving amongst the Gypsy community in the northeastern outskirts of Tirana, Albania. Sharing the Gospel, discipling new believers, and church planting efforts are already underway. Will you please join us in these ministry efforts to help fulfill the Great Commission?
the brownhills Australia Long Term YWAM - Youth With a Mission over 10 years ago We have served for over 10 years and continue to do so, as missionaries from YWAM Perth into a multitude of locations throughout the earth. We have a strong conviction that we are called by God to the nations to preach the Gospel, serve communities (particularly the poor and needy), disciple and mobilize more to go! Caleb's main focus is to raise up leaders and disciple youth to be the next generation of believers who fear God whole heartedly and will go wherever He leads. Jen is involved i...
Lifting Up Down Under Australia Short Term Campus Crusade for Christ International over 11 years ago Hello, I am Ashley Tuschen and I am working full time in Ministry doing Missions work with Campus Crusade for Christ. Campus Crusade is an interdenominational Christian Missions Organization reaching out to college students with the Gospel in hopes to reach the World as they move on from their prospective campus.
MAD Brisbane Australia Short Term YWAM - Youth With a Mission over 11 years ago I am doing a Discipleship Training School with YWAM Brisbane. I will be learning more about God and how to use the gifts and talents that the Lord has given to reach the lost for His Glory. I will learn the ways of a disciple and grow deeper in my relationship with Jesus.
The road less traveled.... Australia Long Term YWAM - Youth With a Mission over 11 years ago My mission is to know God and make him Known. To mobilize disciples to live lives of purpose, knowing what is important and that they can change the world.
Austria: The Key to Europe Austria Long Term Other/Independant over 11 years ago My name is Jeff, I graduated from Messiah College in 2008. I got a part time job in a coffee shop which turned out to be Gods perfect plan. There I was asked to come to Austria and there all my expenses where paid off by strangers. Now I work with a church in Wolfsberg Austria. As of right now there are 8 of us who have been spending a year or more talking to the kids of the city and starting programs for the church. We have established an ongoing and growing youth group, Monday night prayer me...
Life in Bangladesh Bangladesh Short Term Other/Independant over 8 years ago Pursuing what God has put on my heart, I will be mentoring and teaching english to girls who were born in brothels in Khulna, Bangladesh. Working along side Light Bangladesh, I want to love and support them in becoming courageous and free women.
evangelism Barbados Long Term Other/Independant over 13 years ago I have been a career missionary for the last 25 years serving in the jungles of Guyana South America, and Barbados. My current base is Barbados from where I reach out to the jungle villages of Guyana, Suriname, and some of the least developed Caribbean Islands.Missionary work in the South American Jungle is both challenging and dangerous. Access to most villages is by river boat accross dangerous rapids and water falls.We share the Love of Christ to the indegeneous villagers by way of Primary He...
All The Families Of The Earth Belize Long Term Other/Independant over 4 years ago We are called to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. Our missions base is in Roaring Creek Village Belize CA. We are planting a church and will be doing Prison ministry as well itenerate Evangelism through out the whole of Belize to Plant and strenghthen Churches.
That They Might Know Thee Belize Long Term Other/Independant over 10 years ago God has called us to serve in belize. The challenge we are facing in belize is the result of many years of well meaning people who call themselves missionaries leaving behind a pattern of disappointment in the Belizian people. We are called to preach sound doctrine and to demonstrate a life that goes beyond the modern day name it and claim it mentality to that of death to self and sacrifice for the Lord Jesus Christ.
Every Family of The Earth Belize Long Term Baptist over 12 years ago We are called to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. Our missions base is in Roaring Creek Village Belize CA. We are planting a church and will be doing Prison ministry as well itenerate Evangelism through out the whole of Belize to Plant and strenghthen Churches.
Belize Missionary Baptist Institute and Missions Belize Long Term Baptist over 12 years ago Church Planting and Biblical Training
Basketballs for Belize Belize Short Term Other/Independant over 13 years ago My husband and myself would really like to bring in 150 basketballs to Belize. We are doing this to set up some form of recreation for the Belizeans, since there is nothing at all to do there, not only will we be handing out basketballs but we will be witnessing to them and doing daily prayer walks.. My husband grew up in Belize and we really like to witness to the young guys he grew up with there.
Bringing Heaven to Earth 24 Hours A Day Bolivia Long Term Other/Independant over 5 years ago Dan & Aylin Fick live in Sucre, Bolivia (South America), and are planting a 24-hour Prayer and Worship Center there. Dan graduated from Christ For the Nations Institute in 2001, and moved to Sucre as a full-time missionary in 2003. He and Aylin were married in January, 2007, and have twins, Beth and Benji, who were born in November, 2008. They are members of World Indigenous Missions, based out of New Braunfels, TX.
Mission Bolivia Bolivia Long Term Other/Independant over 9 years ago Christmas Campaign 2012 - Bolivia! You can donate since $ 2.50 from each toy. Make a child happy, get involved! Support this Mission Bolivia, we are a missionary based in Cochabamba, Bolivia, where he developed an interdenominational work. We need your help, we are constantly performing social work and charity! Learn More: Face Book:
BiH bliss Bosnia and Herzegowina Long Term Other/Independant over 13 years ago I serve in a local evangelical church in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am a missionary sent out by Elim Fellowship in Lima, NY. I serve in the church office as well as in kid's, teen and women's ministries as well as other ministries of the church. I also help out in a mission station in a suburb of Mostar where there is a home group a bi-weekly evening service and kid's ministry.
Couch Time with Elonte Botswana Short Term Other/Independant over 12 years ago Hello, My name is Elonte Carnes and I am currently a student at CFNI. Come May 7th I will graduate from the third year "School of Global Missions" in which I will enter into a three month field school program with "Love Botswana" in Septemeber.
People With A Destiny Botswana Long Term Operation Mobilization over 13 years ago Our Mission Is To See The People Of The Kalahari Desert Reached With The Gospel Then Mobilize Them To Be Agents Of A Total Spiritual, Socioeconomic And Moral Transformation In Every Community of the Kalahari Desert Region And Beyond, Through Personal Discipleship Which Must Result In Self Sustaining And Self Duplicated Churches.
Goins to Brazil Brazil Long Term YWAM - Youth With a Mission over 3 years ago We are Chad and Regina Goins, missionaries in the state of Paraná in southern Brazil. We sold everything and moved here from the U.S. 4 years ago. We live on a YWAM base near the city of Curitiba. Our 5 daughters live here with us, ages 11 to 22. Chad spends most of his time building houses and bathrooms up in the nearby community (which is a favela area), but he is also teaching English and the game of chess to 3rd and 4th graders. Regina teaches English to all that come to the base and t...
Meu Lugar No Mundo Brazil Long Term YWAM - Youth With a Mission over 4 years ago Desde pequena Deus me chamou a estar servindo Ele. Mas foi em 2014 que decidi me capacitar para servir com excelência seu Reino. Desde então tenho dedicado minha vida a levar o Evangelho as pessoas. Estou envolvida com um Movimento chamado "A Bíblia em Cada Casa", nosso objetivo é levar um exemplar da Bíblia em cada lar do Brasil até 2050. Levar o Amor de Jesus as crianças, adolescentes, jovens e adultos e trazer o Reino dele para Terra é a minha Vocação! Venha comigo fazer p... Brazil Long Term Baptist over 4 years ago We will be showing Christian movies in churches, sharing the gospel after the movies and partnering with the local pastors to lead the discipleship of these new believers.
Hammonds in Brazil Brazil Long Term Other/Independant over 10 years ago The Hammond family serve as missionaries to the nation of Brazil. Our heart and desire is to see the hearts of the people of Brazil turn to the Father. We minister to targeted areas in the Amazon region, Rio de Janeiro and also Sao Jose dos Campos. We distribute water filters for safe, clean drinking water and also deliver the love of the Father through acts of service to the poor.
Romany Brazil Brazil Long Term Baptist over 11 years ago Romany Brazil: We are IMB missionaries called to reach the Roma people of Brazil for Christ. We work to mobilize Baptist in Brazil and the USA to evangelize, disciple, develop Roma leadership and plant churches among the Roma.
Amazing Love Missions of Service Brazil Short Term Other/Independant over 13 years ago Wayne and Sue Anne McDonald answered God's call to serve in foriegn missions after Wayne participated in a trip to Brazil in July 2008. Their family spent a total of 6 months there in 2009; helped establish a church, food ministry, distributed bibles, evangelised, and assisted in providing a well for a small community. They helped coordinate a mission trip which provided VBS, visitation, distribution of school supplies, clothing and food. Wayne is scheduled to minister with Mike and And...
Reach People Brazil Long Term YWAM - Youth With a Mission over 13 years ago My name is Marcelo i am from Brazil , but i have been Worked in South Africa. I am Musician , my Ministry is among the Somalis Refugees. I am married