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OutReach 360 Romania Long Term Non-denominational 2 weeks ago Our last name, Reach, is definitely a fitting name for us. My wife and I felt the call to missions over ten years ago. As we felt God tug on our hearts, we fell in love with Romania. In 2009, we worked with a visionary there who had a heart for abandoned babies and equipping mothers to keep their babies who would have been abandoned. After returning to the US, we prayed and waited for an opportunity to "go and make disciples." In 2011, God opened up an opportunity for us to work in Ban...
The Whole Gospel to the Whole Unreached Africa! Nigeria Short Term Non-denominational over 3 years ago KRISTIAN MISSIONARIES OF AFRICA, AKA "Afrika4Jesus" is a movement of Christians fully committed to executing God's End-Time Gospel Project on earth, i.e. Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations of the earth but with particular emphasis on Unreached People Groups of Africa. Our mission: Extending the frontiers of the church of Christ beyond the borders of every Unreached People Group of Africa.
Kenya Long Term Non-denominational over 4 years ago Our vision is extending God's love to the community. Our mission is living proof of a watching God to a watching world. For our projects we have 1st Love Kids Project for orphans. We want to start a sponsoring programs for orphans and vulnerable children. I have prayed for so long over website. Challenges of life, as here is hard place. Our ministry is young. I am a family man and earning a living is very hard we live by faith so it is not hard to go without food but we do trust God one day...
Globalreach Missions South Africa Long Term Non-denominational over 5 years ago Hello Beloved, Jesus Christ commanded Christians to spread his word to all persons on this planet. This site aims to do this using technology and other resources. . On the sidebar are links to other global missions you can support. May you find something here to inspire and motivate you .Thank you... Alan Yegambaram (founder & editor)
Gooch Family Missions United States Short Term Non-denominational over 5 years ago It is our Mission to reach as many of the unreached people groups as God gives us the skills and time to do. We are a family ministry trying to follow God's will and calling on our lives. We strive to share the Gospel in some form each and every day in the hopes to bring people to Christ.
Team Sinkler Uganda Long Term Non-denominational over 5 years ago The Sinklers are headed to Uganda to be full time missionaries with New Hope Uganda, at Musana Camps on the shore of Lake Victoria. In bringing the fatherhood of God to the fatherless, Musana Camps seeks to use camping environments to lead people to God's truth and transform lives as they encounter God's design for biblical manhood and womanhood. The Sinklers will go with a mission to help administrate the growing ministries of Musana Camps, while the focus will always be to raise up...
ENLM Ethiopia Long Term Non-denominational over 5 years ago The ministry is called Ethiopian New Life Ministry (ENLM). ENLM takes its inspiration from Mark 16:15 Jesus said, “Go into the entire world and preach the Gospel to all creation.” Our missionary Teshome Tessema has a great desire to spread the word of life to everyone, especially to his fellow country people. For a very long time, God has given Teshome the inspiration to start his mission in Ethiopia. Now is the time to do His work in His grace. The ENLM is backed by a board made up...
Missions to the Unreached in India and Beyond India Long Term Non-denominational over 5 years ago Our family and missions team currently lives in Northern California. We are preparing for our first mission trip to India where we will be serving with several local ministries. Our focus is to make Christ known to as many possible. We show love to others through prayer, words of encouragement, one on one ministry, group activities and helping to provide for basic needs.
Children of Christ Ministry United States Long Term Non-denominational over 6 years ago From the very depths of my heart and soul I desperately plead the blood of Jesus Christ over all my brothers and sisters in Christ! PLEASE head the Lord's warning! For the Lord our God has spoken according to his law. An I bear witness to one and all! The day of judgment is upon us all. Turn back to God NOW before its too late. Don't be cast into the lake of HELL!
The Long Way to Lilongwe Malawi Short Term Non-denominational over 6 years ago As a couple/family, we desire to pursue God's call on our hearts and our lives by joining Him in the ongoing, redemptive work in the world. Over the last several years and through multiple short term trips, our eyes have been opened to the extraordinary work happening in Malawi, specifically through organizations such as World Relief. In returning again this year, it is our hope and prayer that we can further leverage the resources and relationships at home for these important, life chang...
Jesus is the Good News United States Long Term Non-denominational over 7 years ago God has told us to reach out to a group of people, a culture right here travelling throughout the United States, that desperately needs to hear the Good News. They need to know Jesus, and that He loves them so much that He died for their sins, and conquered the grave 3 days later so that they could come home to God. This group is made up of the individuals who travel and work with Renaissance Festivals. It is a unique niche of people who are full of artistry, passion, and colorful personality. I...
PRAYER LOVERS Nigeria Long Term Non-denominational over 8 years ago I Am Pastor Effiong Umoh.The Site Will Be Used For Prayers.For Christians And Non-Christians.Prayer Topics Will Be Written In The Site.You Are Free To Send In Comments And Prayer Requests.God Bless You As You Continue To Visit Our Site.
Arturo Enriquez Jr. to serve the children of Limatambo, Peru Peru Long Term Non-denominational over 9 years ago Casa del Aguila (CDA) is a multi-faceted ministry started over 15yrs. ago. Today CDA has eight homes that house 50 orphans, a school which educates 250 students, a working farm, a church, and a medical post.
Lumba Christian Ministries Zambia Long Term Non-denominational over 9 years ago Lumba,Christian,Ministries, was founded in 2003 by Ron and Bridget Wint It's located in Zambia Africa We are focused on three areas of serving Christ /spreading the Gospel /supporting the orphan /and strengthening the church
leah's lamp stand Philippines Short Term Non-denominational over 10 years ago I am currently a student studying to become a full-time missionary. I will be going to the Philippines for a month this summer and wanting to give people who are state-side the opportunity to stay in touch with me while I am there and updated on the fund raising status and prayer requests. After I get back, I would also like to use this to keep people up to date on where God is leading me in missions and what is next in my life or where God places me full-time.
The Cornerstone's Global Ministry: "It's All About Jesus!" Philippines Long Term Non-denominational over 10 years ago We are a Christian family; Jeffrey, Marita and Joshua Puckett living and serving in Baguio City, Republic of the Philippines. We are dedicated to the furtherance of the gospel of Jesus Christ in Asia and beyond. We are currently involved with school, youth and prison outreaches in the Province of Benguet. Jeffrey is also a seminary student at Asia Pacific Theological Seminary, where he is enrolled in a Masters of Divinity track.
Following God's Call: Lightfield's in Guatemala Guatemala Long Term Non-denominational over 10 years ago We are independent missionaries Kirk and Michelle Lightfield. We have been serving God in Guatemala, Central America, since April 2002. Sharing the love of Jesus Christ one child/family at a time. We want to show the Guatemalan's that we love them as Christ loved the church.
Let the Islands Praise Him United States Long Term Non-denominational over 11 years ago I have a heart to see the Islands of the Pacific Rim fall in love with Jesus. I want to develop a missionary training base in Maui, Hawaii that focuses on raising up teams operating in the five-fold gifts. These trained teams will then be strategically placed throughout the Pacific according to their call.
Arturo Enriquez Jr. to serve the people of Gulu, Uganda Uganda Short Term Non-denominational over 11 years ago Founded by David and Dana Mann, VOHA seeks to aid the displaced Acholi people of Gulu, Northern Uganda, in returning to their home villages, by first providing clean water through drilling programs, and agricultural and economic development. VOHA provides the people with the basic elements for rebuilding their home villages. VOHA sets up training for Pastor/Shepherds and builds churches for restoring the spiritual development of the village community.
Taking the Truth to the Uttermost Nicaragua Short Term Non-denominational over 11 years ago I am a short term missionary that goes as called to the nations. In 2012 I will be partnering alongside West Ridge Church in Nicaragua (April), Cuba (May), and Burkina Faso (July). Each trip will be very unique to the teams I will have the blessedness to be a part of. Children's ministry, street evangelism, construction projects, church planting, and TESOL will take place throughout these three countries. Jesus will be made known among people that desperately need Him!
Jesus Piece United States Long Term Non-denominational over 11 years ago Jesus Piece mission is geared towards the return of God’s wandering sheep and discovering the obedience to pray changes lives. The mysteries of the rosary provide opportunities for fellowship, spiritual growth, and stewardship through a willingness to pray for others.