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These feet were made to travel... United Kingdom Long Term Other/Independant over 4 years ago Urban missionary with focus in intercession and worship in global communities within the salvation army but also within intentional Christian communities. Coming alongside fellow Christian's in ministry and provide prayer support, service, intercession, worship and hospitality. Partners in ministry, from any country, can request for me to come alongside them.
Harvest in the Schemes United Kingdom Short Term Other/Independant over 6 years ago We are Ministry Interns with 20schemes. 20schemes exists to plant and revitalize healthy, Gospel-centered churches in Scotland's poorest communities.
Holy Nation Ministries United Kingdom Long Term Other/Independant over 8 years ago We believe that God has called us to the Nations in order to preach the Good News. God sent His Son Jesus Christ to this earth so whoever believes in Him will have eternal Life being justified by faith to have Peace with God through Jesus Christ. Our Call began at the age of 14 when God poured into my heart the desire to serve Him. In 1998 God brought me to UK to show me that for Him nothing is impossible. God opened my eyes so I could see that this call was becoming real in my life. My expe...
Holy nation ministries United Kingdom Long Term Assemblies of God over 9 years ago Changing the World with the love of Jesus
Holy Nation church ministry United Kingdom Long Term Other/Independant over 11 years ago I am Dorothy Sumalnap Alicog, 34 years old and been a Christian for 19 years . I grew up to a Christian family but I only give my life to Jesus when I was 15 years old. Since then I’ve been actively involving in church worship, week end outreaches, and children Sunday school back in Assembly of God, Philippines. As I grew up with the knowledge of the Lord, I have given the passion to reach out souls for Christ as a response to His word in Acts 1:8. From then on, it’s been my joy going out to...
pastor United Kingdom Short Term Go to Nations over 12 years ago I am a trained minister with,I am also rounding up online.i am a Cameroonian I also worked with some chucrches in Nigeria,now i am in Cameroon.