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Team Sinkler Uganda Long Term Non-denominational over 3 years ago The Sinklers are headed to Uganda to be full time missionaries with New Hope Uganda, at Musana Camps on the shore of Lake Victoria. In bringing the fatherhood of God to the fatherless, Musana Camps seeks to use camping environments to lead people to God's truth and transform lives as they encounter God's design for biblical manhood and womanhood. The Sinklers will go with a mission to help administrate the growing ministries of Musana Camps, while the focus will always be to raise up...
Glad Tidings Uganda Uganda Short Term Other/Independant over 4 years ago My name is Aj. I’m an independent missionary to Uganda. I currently have gathered a small team from the country where we have been working together intermittently for the last few years to do our part to right the theological wrongs of the area. Each of the people that have come by my side were once heavily involved in the false teachings of the prosperity gospel movement, and now are working with a number of churches to teach correct theology to Pastors, leaders, and congregants. From tea...
marcelo and amanda Uganda Long Term Other/Independant over 5 years ago Marcelo will be directing a business program for graduates of African Bible Universities, a one-year program to equip Christian leaders with a heart for our Lord’s gospel to go out and start successful businesses, impacting the local economy and supporting the Church.
Carlos Buyungo Ministries Uganda Long Term Other/Independant over 5 years ago Our ministry is holistic and integrated in that we desire to glorify God in word and Deed. Ministering to the sick, poor,widows,orphans , unreached and carring the gospel of Christ to nations is our primary concern through Christ Jesus. Mission: To fulfill the great commission Mark 16:15-18 Please, come and join us! Your prayers and support are so much honoured. Administration contacts: Lilian-+256702731004 Email:[email protected] Thanks, Shallom!
[email protected] Uganda Long Term Other/Independant over 9 years ago I am Pastor Robert Kiganga, Leading a Branch Church in Christian Healing Centre Ministry Uganda Called Bukiyi Christian Healing Cenrte church. The mission is in the Mountain ranges of the grate Mt Elgon In the eastern part of Uganda in East Africa.We desire to partner with other missionaries who would be willing and interested to do missions in hard to reach areas in Africa.
Arturo Enriquez Jr. to serve the people of Gulu, Uganda Uganda Short Term Non-denominational over 9 years ago Founded by David and Dana Mann, VOHA seeks to aid the displaced Acholi people of Gulu, Northern Uganda, in returning to their home villages, by first providing clean water through drilling programs, and agricultural and economic development. VOHA provides the people with the basic elements for rebuilding their home villages. VOHA sets up training for Pastor/Shepherds and builds churches for restoring the spiritual development of the village community.
Missions for Uganda Uganda Short Term Other/Independant over 11 years ago Everyday, we witness to hundreds of lost sinners and we see many of them yielding their lives to Jesus. Many continue experiencing the miraculous touch of the Lord, healing and deliverance from demonic oppression. Uganda Long Term Other/Independant over 12 years ago i am a called by God to serve and help the children who are street children , who have no mother or father , show them their tommorow discover their talents . teach them God , how to pray , sing , and love .
marie2uganda Uganda Short Term Baptist over 12 years ago My name is Marie and my heart is to reach a lost and dying world for the King of Kings Jesus the Christ! I have an opportunity to go on a short term missions trip to Uganda with Hoffmantown Church this spring. I will need lots of prayer support as well as some financial support. Our missions trip is affiliated with AMG International and will be led by veteran AMG missionaries Ruben and Florence Musiimi who served in Uganda for 15 years. Please pray for me in this endeavor and if you are able...