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God's Word in Nomane Papua New Guinea Long Term Other/Independant 10 months ago Living with the people of Nomane, making Christ known to them through the translation of Scriptures into their mother tongues: Kewo-Meba and Meine, through the public reading of Scriptures and through personal testimony, serving Christ, by serving the Nomane. May Nomane be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God.
The Foltz Family Papua New Guinea Long Term Wycliffe over 9 years ago The Foltz family is called to support and free Bible translators to do translation work. Associated with Wycliffe USA, they’ll be working with SIL Papua New Guinea as regional center managers to serve and support missionaries and other missionary organizations in surrounding villages and remote locations throughout PNG. Close to 900 people groups, roughly 20% of the world's living languages are represented in PNG.
PNG Renewal Papua New Guinea Long Term Other/Independant over 12 years ago PNG Renewal is a partnership with Agape Ministries of Papua New Guinea to establish both a Bible Training Center and a Community Ministry Center in the Markham Valley, PNG. The Bible Training Center will be an inter-denominational work that will endeavor to train up and send out pastors, missionaries, teachers, and leaders into unreached parts of PNG and neighboring Asian countries, while also training pastors and leaders to return and strengthen established congregations within PNG.