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Calling Nations Nicaragua Long Term Baptist over 9 years ago My name is Joe Carter and I am 20 years old. When I graduated high school I had a great burden on my heart. I knew God was calling me to give up my life in the United States and place everything in His hands. I soon sold my car and began praying on where to go. Not long after I found myself in the middle of Nicaragua, renting a small house and being helped by Nicaraguan Christians in the area. They took me under their arms and changed my heart and life forever. I have set up home base in Catarin...
Taking the Truth to the Uttermost Nicaragua Short Term Non-denominational over 9 years ago I am a short term missionary that goes as called to the nations. In 2012 I will be partnering alongside West Ridge Church in Nicaragua (April), Cuba (May), and Burkina Faso (July). Each trip will be very unique to the teams I will have the blessedness to be a part of. Children's ministry, street evangelism, construction projects, church planting, and TESOL will take place throughout these three countries. Jesus will be made known among people that desperately need Him!
Leo & Charity (Missionaries to Nicaragua) Nicaragua Long Term Other/Independant over 10 years ago My husband and I direct New Hope Children's Foundation in El Crucero, Nicaragua. Some of the areas of our ministry include a school that provides a free education to over 350 children, 2 children's homes for Miskito Indian children, feeding centers, starting bible schools and training pastors throughout the country of Nicaragua.
S.O.U.L. Ministries Nicaragua Long Term Other/Independant over 12 years ago Soul Ministries is a no-profit organization that endevors to take the gospel of Jesus Christ into the world. At this present time our efforts are focused in the Country of Nicaragua where founders Eddie and Vivian Cantu work overseeing Iglesia Oasis De Amor. We Invite you to join other Ministries, pastors, businesses and individuals who have chosen Nicaragua as their mission field and partnering to reach this nation with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Nicaragua is ripe for the Harvest as peo...