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whatlastsforever Burkina Faso Long Term Other/Independant over 8 years ago I'm 22, proudly from Ohio and I call Haiti home. Jesus Christ saved me and now i am marked for adventure. I am marked to take risks and bring people, as many people as I can to know Christ! Is not a life for Him better than a life for myself? I gurantee you my dear friend that it is! By His mysterious Grace I have traveled and served God and His children in Haiti (over 3 years), Papua New Guinea, Australia and America. At the end of 2010 I will have Burkina Faso, West Africa added as well. ...
Amour West Africa Burkina Faso Long Term Baptist over 10 years ago My name is Brittany and I felt the call to full time missions 4 years ago and am now obediently following my calling to Burkina Faso to serve Sector 30 in full time ministry. Relief and discipleship are the two areas that will be focused on and more opportunities as God opens them up. Please come alongside in prayer, support, and going!